Sustainable projects
are enabled by using the right tool at the right time


  • DILOs to survey the as-is situation
  • Structured interviews to verify/falsify hypotheses
  • Organizational analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping as basis to identify waste
  • Business Case to quantify potentials
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Analysis of P&L and balance sheet
  • Methodological trainings to train project-relevant basics


  • Brownpaper-sessions to develop processes
  • RACI-matrix to allocate responsibility
  • ABC/XYZ-analysis to derive product-specific recommendations and strategies
  • Process-analysis to define IT-requirements
  • Spend-analysis to detect cost saving potential
  • Workshops with suppliers/ customers to verify potential solutions
  • Business- and IT-concept to display the future solution in a consolidated way


  • Roadshows to mobilize stakeholders
  • Regular Gemba-walks to secure the implementation at shopfloor-level
  • Coaching of selected team members
  • Workshops to discuss lessons learned and to detect necessary concept adaptations


  • Specific content trainings  to teach new processes and ways of working
  • Testing of IT systems to secure functionalities
  • Tracking of KPIs to evaluate the success of the project
  • Methodology to collect employee suggestions to ensure continuous improvement
  • Audits to evaluate the maturity of the implementation