Single stones can be transformed into a mosaic when they are combined correctly

What provides more value, a single stone or a completed mosaic? The answer is clear – one is not possible without the other. True value only arises from the right combination of single elements into a comprehensive picture.

This is the philosophy behind Klade Consulting. Attention to details on the one hand, the big picture on the other hand. We believe that sustainable success is only possible when both aspects are considered as equally important.

Our mindset becomes visible in the two principles that form the basis of our work:

  • MECE – mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive. The sum of all elements on one level must describe the level above without overlap (mutually exclusive) and comprehensive (collectively exhaustive). In other words: consulting needs to be complete, extensive and without unnecessary repetition.
  • KISS – keep it short and simple. Consulting must focus on the essential and describe it in an understandable way.

These principles allow us to develop a meaningful big picture containing all necessary details in accordance with our customers’ requirements.


Wolfgang Klade